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The Belle Epoque was a period of peace, progress and luxury that took place in Europe from... more
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The Belle Epoque was a period of peace, progress and luxury that took place in Europe from 1871 to 1914.

The Belle Epoque style is known for its delicate and detailed designs, which are often inspired by nature.

The piece of jewelry presented here dates  from the Belle Epoque period and is unique due to its characteristic features,

reflecting the design and craftsmanship of this era. 

It is crafted in 14 carat red gold and the color of the red gold comes from the addition of copper alloys,

which give the gold a warm pink color.

The Belle Epoque era is characterized by its delicate, elegant and feminine design. 

During the Belle Epoque, designs were inspired by the art and architecture of the time and were often characterized by flowers,

Leaves and other organic shapes. Great importance was attached to craftsmanship.

The jewelry was made by hand and features the finest details and embellishments.

It was painstakingly handcrafted under a magnifying glass with floral stylized buds strung together.

The sawing work in the central area features elaborate decorations that were made by hand and make the piece of jewelry even more valuable.

This bangle from this period is an example of the excellent craftsmanship that was valued in this era.

Important changes took place during this period, such as the transition from the Victorian to the modern era and the emergence of new artistic trends. 

The hinged bangle has a push-in clasp with a safety eagle.

The rare, beautiful and antique bangle is in a very good condition with minor signs of wear due to age.

Material:     14 carat red gold

Provenance: Germany 1880/90

Dimensions in cm: Diameter: 4.6 x 5.6 Width max.: 1.2

You will receive our jewelry pieces ready for gifting and lovingly packaged with expertise. 

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