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  • Antique coral necklace 14 carat yellow gold
Biedermeier jewelry was produced in Europe in the period from 1815 to 1848 . It was a... more
Product information "LACHSROT"

Biedermeier jewelry was produced in Europe in the period from 1815 to 1848.

It was a period of peace, prosperity and stability, and this was reflected in the art and culture.

The style of Biedermeier jewelry is known for its symmetrical shapes, clean lines and floral ornamentation.

The outstanding large Biedermeier necklace presented here is a necklace with five strands running side by side,

made from countless individual coral beads

This type of necklace was very popular in the Biedermeier period. The necklace was made from 14 carat yellow gold.

The five strands are of different lengths to create a unique and elegant look.

A 5-strand neck Biedermeier necklace from aristocratic ownership is a coveted piece of jewelry and

was worn by women as an expression of status and beauty.

Today, antique Biedermeier necklaces are a popular choice for lovers of antique jewelry.

Whether worn with traditional costume or an elegant wardrobe, they can also be worn with a white or dark blue linen dress in summer.

Elegant coral jewelry is rare, enjoys great popularity and looks extremely classy.

This rare, high-quality and antique Biedermeier coral necklace in 14-karat yellow gold is a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry that

unique piece of jewelry that perfectly captures the beauty and elegance of times gone by.

The eye-catching gold clasp is fitted with an easy-to-use clasp for hooking.

The large round clasp is also decorated with additional coral beads.

The high-quality coral necklace is in a very good condition with minimal signs of wear. 

Material:    14 carat yellow gold, 585, hallmarked with a stylized oak leaf, coral bead ⌀ 0.6

Provenance: Italy / Holland around 1830

Dimensions in cm Total length 37 

You will receive our jewelry pieces ready for gifting and lovingly packaged with expertise.

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