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  • Large opal ring 14 carat GG
Opals are enchanting gemstones that fascinate with their unique beauty and variety. They... more
Product information "THE MAGIC OF OPALS"

Opals are enchanting gemstones that fascinate with their unique beauty and variety.

They are characterized by their iridescent play of colours which, depending on the incidence of light, shine in iridescent colors such as blue, green, red, yellow and violet.

This natural blaze of color is created by tiny silica beads that refract and reflect the incident light.

Opals are available in various shapes and sizes, from small cabochons to impressive large stones.

Their colors and patterns are as unique as fingerprints, making each opal one of a kind.

The popularity of opals spans centuries and cultures, from ancient civilizations to modern jewelry art.

Due to their beauty and rarity, opals are coveted collector's items and are often used in exquisite pieces of jewelry.

Their mystical aura and timeless elegance make opals an incomparable symbol of sophistication and style.

This antique large opal ring dates from the second half of the 20th century and is crafted in 14 carat gold.

The statement opal ring is an absolute rarity and is set with beautiful opals with a very special play of colors from green to blue.

Due to the cabochon cut, the opals appear in a very special play of light and color.

The ring head is designed as a stylized large flower.

This antique ring is a rare collector's item that will make the hearts of opal lovers beat faster.

It is in good condition with minor signs of wear due to age.

Material:     14 carat GG, opals with great play of colors

Dimensions in cm: Ring head: 2.5 x 1.7 Current ring size: 53

Provenance: probably Netherlands around 1880

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