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  • r1792
  • Art Deco ring 18 carat Diamonds
This beautiful, delicate and antique ring dates from the Art Deco period, the first... more
Product information "ONE OF A KIND"

This beautiful, delicate and antique ring dates from the Art Deco period, the first third of the 20th century.

Rings of this type were very popular then and now and are unfortunately becoming increasingly rare.

We have specialized in this type of ring and it makes our hearts beat faster.

It is crafted in 18 carat yellow gold and the top is platinum-plated, typical of the time.

The most striking feature of this ring is the old-cut diamonds, which are held in a delicate, elegant setting.

Old-cut diamonds were used before the advent of the modern brilliant cut and often have a different number and arrangement of facets than brilliant-cut diamonds

and arrangement than brilliant-cut diamonds. They give the ring a distinctive look and have a great fire.

The ring is decorated with what is known as  millegriff detail, which means that the edges or surfaces of the ring are decorated with tiny, grainy dots  

to create additional detail and texture. 

The diamond roses are also part of the design and are small, diamond-shaped diamonds.

They are used as accent stones and add another special feature to the ring.

Saw-cutting is lovingly applied by hand. This is a popular technique that is often used on Art Deco rings,

to cut a decorative pattern into the metal. A fine saw blade is used to make small notches or cuts in the metal.

This technique can be used to create various patterns and designs, such as geometric shapes,

Floral patterns or other decorative motifs.

Saw cutting was very popular in the Art Deco era as it allowed jewelry makers to create intricate and detailed patterns in the metal,

which complemented the striking and glamorous Art Deco design. This technique was often used in combination with  diamonds and millegriff

to create unique and elaborate pieces of jewelry.

Art Deco rings with saw work are still very popular today and are used by jewelry designers as a source of inspiration,

to also create modern pieces of jewelry inspired by the magnificent aesthetics of the Art Deco era.

Overall, this delicate Art Deco ring with old-cut diamonds, millegriff and diamond roses is a beautiful, unique and timeless piece of jewelry,

that reflects the wonderful and unique craftsmanship and aesthetics of the Art Deco era. 

The antique ring is in very good condition with minor signs of wear due to age.

Material:    18 carat yellow gold, platinum-plated, old-cut diamond center 0.3 carat

Provenance: probably Germany 1925/30

Dimensions in cm: Ring head: 1.6 x 1.3 Current ring size: 53

We will be happy to alter the ring to your desired size on request.

However, an exchange is no longer possible afterwards!

You will receive our jewelry ready for gifting with jewelry expertise.

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