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High-quality gemstones are often found in English jewelry during the Victorian era. ... more
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High-quality gemstones are often found in English jewelry during the Victorian era. 

Queen Victoria  reigned in England as Queen from 1837-1901. From 1876, she also bore the title "Empress of India". 

From this point onwards, the British Empire was able to use the trade routes to bring precious gemstones from the Indian subcontinent to England 

Subcontinent to England. Sapphires, emeralds, rubies and even large diamonds came to England by sea. 

Once on the island, the goldsmiths in London and other major cities in England eagerly turned the precious gemstones into wonderful pieces of jewelry 

were eagerly processed into wonderful pieces of jewelry.

This precious ruby diamond ring was also created during this time. 

The three larger red-pink rubies shine with four old-cut white diamonds.

The antique ring is crafted in high-quality 14-karat yellow gold. 

The antique ring is in very good condition with minor signs of wear due to age. 

You will receive this piece of jewelry ready for a gift with expertise.

Provenance: probably England 1900

Material:     14 carat yellow gold, rubies and old-cut diamonds,  

Dimensions in cm: Ring head: 1.8 x 0.4 Current ring size: 54

We will be happy to alter the ring to your desired size on request.

However, an exchange is no longer possible afterwards!

You will receive our jewelry ready for gifting with jewelry expertise.

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