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Pretty vintage daisy ring,  set in the center with a gemstone blossom consisting of purple... more
Product information "WOMEN POWER"

Pretty vintage daisy ring,  set in the center with a gemstone blossom consisting of purple amethyst,

green peridot and diamond chips, set in 9 carat yellow gold. 

The history of equal rights for women and men has been a very tough battle throughout history. 

The years of the early 1920s were a particularly moving period in this battle of the sexes.

Women around the world took to the streets in large numbers to finally demand more rights  and, above all, the right to vote for women. 

The term "suffragettes" originated in Great Britain and referred to precisely this movement. 

It is derived from the French word "suffrage", which translates as "vote". 

More and more women publicly declared their support for this women's movement and a real fashion emerged with certain color schemes.

GREEN, WHITE and PURPLE were officially adopted as the colors of the women's movement in 1908. 

These colors stand for hope, purity and dignity.

Material: 9 carat yellow gold, amethyst, peridot, diamonds

Dimensions in cm: Current ring size: 60  Ring head stone: 1.5 x 1.5

Provenance: probably Germany around 1960/80

Very good condition with minor signs of wear due to age.

We would be happy to alter this antique ring to your desired size free of charge.

However, a later exchange after alteration is no longer possible.

You will receive our pieces of jewelry ready for gifting with expertise.

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