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These enchanting , delicate and antique earrings date from the period of transition... more
Product information "ANTIQUE EARRINGS"

These enchanting, delicate and antique earrings date from the period of transition

from Art Nouveau to Art Deco around 1910/15. They are made of 14-karat yellow gold and have a very

are very elaborately and delicately pierced with typical Art Nouveau and Art Deco elements.

They are each set with a small sparkling old-cut diamond on the brisur.

The old cut is a type of cut that was used before the modern brilliant cut.

It has a higher crown, a smaller table area and a deeper point.

A suspended pearl has been placed in the lower section of the earring as a stylized drop.

These beautiful, delicate earrings are easy to wear and have a hinged clasp.

Earrings like these are highly sought-after and very rare today.

The antique earrings are in very good condition with minor signs of wear.

Provenance: Germany around 1910/15

Material:   14 carat yellow gold, old-cut diamonds, Akoya pearl

Dimensions in cm: Length max. with hoop: 1.5 Width max.: 0.8

You will receive the antique earrings lovingly gift-wrapped with expertise!

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