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In the "Golden Twenties" the jewelry industry underwent a major change, which was... more
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In the "Golden Twenties" the jewelry industry underwent a major change, which was characterized by the new art and cultural trend of Art Deco.

The jewelry of this period was characterized by a strong geometric design language, bold colour combinations and precious materials.

Some of the most popular pieces of jewelry of the time were long necklaces set with pearls, diamonds or precious stones.

These necklaces were often worn in several layers and were usually very long to follow the flowing lines of the clothing.

Bracelets and Bracelets were also very popular and many were set with colorful gemstones or diamonds.

Art Deco bracelets were particularly striking, often featuring the characteristic geometric patterns and the use of platinum, gold and precious stones

the use of platinum, gold and precious stones.

The jewelry of the Roaring Twenties was characterized by boldness, opulence and Eleganceand elegance, with the new forms and

Materials of the Art Deco movement played an important role.

The present extravagant bracelet comes precisely from this period. 

The Art Deco bracelet is crafted in 14-karat yellow gold and the front is platinum-plated, typical of the period.

Sophisticated it is set alternately with Diamonds and cornflower blue sapphires in Carré-cut sapphires.

The cornflower blue sapphires have a square Shape, which is called Carré cut is known.

The bracelet consists of movable links and has a stretch "accordion effect",

created by the way the links are connected.

In addition to the luxurious gemstone setting and the interesting arrangement, the focus of this bracelet is on the so-called Millegriff technique.

The millegriff technique refers to the fine texturing of the surface of the precious metal.

This technique gives the piece of jewelry an additional level of detail and sophistication.

The diamonds and sapphires are surrounded by small diamond roses.

The bracelet is fitted with a Safety eight provided.

The bracelet is a typical example of the golden 20s era with geometric patterns and a high level of craftsmanship high level of craftsmanship.

It can serve as an elegant accessory for special occasions or as a collector's item for lovers of Art Deco jewelry.

It also looks great with a sporty, elegant outfit such as jeans and a cashmere sweater and blouse.

The rare, beautiful and antique Art Deco bracelet is in a very good condition very good condition

with minor signs of wear due to age.

Material:   14 carat yellow gold, 12 x carré-cut blue sapphires, diamonds approx. 0.5 carat

Provenance: Germany 1925/30

Dimensions in cm: Total length: 18 cm plus stretchable due to pull hinges Middle section: 5.3 x 0.6

You will receive our jewelry ready to give and lovingly packaged with expertise. 

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