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  • Extravagant necklace Art Deco around 1930 Jakob Bengel
Nothing changes as quickly as fashion. What was trendy one season is already out of fashion the... more
Product information "STYLISH BENGEL"

Nothing changes as quickly as fashion. What was trendy one season is already out of fashion the following year.

Then, as now, the fashion world also experienced  

in the heated years after the First World War. When we leaf through the magazines and periodicals of the time, we are still amazed at how fashion, for example hats, hairstyles, dresses and coats, changed in the 1920s and 30s.

This change was also reflected in jewelry.

It is of course understandable that the jewelry world could not keep up with every trend in precious materials.

The investments were too great and the period after the First World War was a very poor one.  This is why costume jewelry emerged in the 1920s, first in France, then in Germany, England and the USA.

As a result, costume jewelry became an indispensable accessory for every fashion-conscious lady.

Including, of course, those who could afford real diamond jewelry.

Manufacturers of this period in Germany included  Theodor Fahrner and Jakob Bengel

This large necklace dates from the Art Deco period around 1930 and was probably made in Jakob Bengel's manufactory.

The spectacular necklace clings beautifully to the décolleté.

The interesting alternation of round and geometric elements dates the necklace to the 1930s.  

The elegant color change of cobalt blue lapis lazuli-type beads and yellow gold decorative elements makes the necklace a stylish, extravagant and antique statement necklace.

The showpiece is gold-plated with a beautiful patina, wonderfully preserved and can be worn in a sporty or elegant way.

A wonderful gift for fashion-conscious women!

Material: gold-plated

Provenance: probably Germany around 1930

Dimensions in cm: 46.5 x 2.5

You will receive our jewelry ready for gifting with expertise

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